XXXIII Evento Porto.Data – 12 Julho 2017 | Critical Software (Porto)

Realiza-se no dia 12 de Julho de 2017, o XXXIII Encontro da comunidade Porto.Data, que tem como objetivo a partilha de experiências e conhecimento entre os profissionais e entusiastas da plataforma de dados da Microsoft no Porto. O evento vai ser realizado pela primeira vez nas instalações da Critical Software no Porto às 19:00, sendo a entrada livre para todos os inscritos. Registo gratuito

18:45 – Abertura e recepção.
18:50 – Community News.
19:00 – "Deployment pipeline for Azure SQL Databases"
        Eduardo Piairo - Operations Engineer @ Basecone
20:10 – Coffee break.
20:30 – "SQL Server 2016 & 2017 for developers"
        Ivan Campos - SQL Server Specialist MVP @ Natixis
21:15 – Fim do evento.
21:20 – Sorteio de prémios.
21:30 – Jantar livre.

Eduardo Piairo is a Operations Engineer @ Basecone. A deployment pipeline craftsman always ready to learn new ways to implement Source Control, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for databases, applications and infrastructure. A database administrator with special interest in database changes and data modeling. A DevOps Agent with automation, collaboration and communication as priorities.

The database development should not be handled differently from application development. Concepts like source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery in order not only to improve the database deployment process but also to narrow down the gap between applications and databases.
In this session, I will address the different ways how to set up a deployment pipeline for Azure SQL databases (however the same concepts can be applied to SQL Server databases). I will explore the different challenges of the deployment pipeline steps: source control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and how the decisions in each step influences the next steps.
The deployment pipeline can be built only for databases, or to include applications in the different steps (can even include infrastructure). I will explore the different/possible configurations of the deployment pipeline while articulating databases and applications.

Ivan Campos is a senior database administrator, living in Porto, Portugal. In the last nine years He has been working with relational databases, mostly and more concretely with SQL Server and that is what He loves to do. Currently is a SQL Server Specialist in a financial French company called Natixis.

In is free times He speaks for some user groups like SQLPort, Porto.Data and also leads one of these user groups the Porto.Data. His also a speaker for SQLSaturday’s in Portugal and responsible for one of them the Porto Wine edition. Besides all of this stuff related to SQL, He is a dedicated and proud Dad.

SQL Server has evolved a lot in the last versions, and many new features has come with this huge product, in this session let’s see some examples of new features that makes the life of the developers a little bit easier. Let’s use and abuse of T-SQL.